Stephen has worked on new product development and innovation projects in a range of industries including: software, electronics, telecommunications, healthcare, education, automotive, semiconductors, industrial, and defence.

He has extensive experience of the UK innovation system. Over the last 30 years, he has been involved in many of the leading programmes designed to help organisations develop and advance their ideas, including the Alvey programme, the EU Advanced Informatics in Medicine (AIM) programme, ITI Scotland’s ITI Techmedia programme, and the Technology Strategy Board’s Future Intelligent Transport Systems (FITS) programme.



United States US2009307032 (A1)
Issued: 10 December 2009

A product management system for monitoring the movement of products through a supply chain, the system being adapted to receive data from reader devices that capture data associated with the products as they move through the chain. The captured data is used to generate an event record for each product, at each stage in the supply chain. These records are used, together with at least one model of the supply chain, to detect anomalous events.


United States US2010019026 (A1)
Issued: 28 January 2010

A system for authenticating articles comprising: an authentication manager for managing authentication information associated with the articles; a plurality of secure taggant reader instruments for reading machine readable taggants associated with the articles, the taggants including the authentication or related information, and an instrument configuration manager for secure on-line configuration of the instruments. Each taggant reader instrument is operable to securely process and send authentication information derived from a taggant to the authentication manager. The authentication manager uses the received authentication information to identify suspicious events. When suspicious events are detected, the instrument configuration manager is able to reconfigure at least some of the taggant reader instruments. Reconfiguration may also happen in the event of a product recall and/or taggant security compromise.

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